Will Replacing the Glass in My Windows Save Me Money on Energy?

Insulating the attic and sealing cracks around the home are the most common ways to save on energy costs. There’s another investment that you can make, however, that really saves money over time. Replacing the glass in your windows will make a positive difference in your financial calculations when you understand the science behind modern panes.

Upgrading to Dual Panes

Most older windows have single panes. This trend was typical several decades ago. The latest glass models come with at least two panes. Doubling up on the glass is how a household can save on energy costs. The only substance that moves in or out of the home is sunlight. Control it otherwise with window treatments. Drafts coming from the windows aren’t impacting your energy usage anymore.

Discovering the Buffer Difference

It’s not just the extra glass that makes a difference with your energy savings. Between the panes is an air buffer. It might be in the form of argon or krypton. The air remains trapped between the panes. If any drafts try to transition between the interior and exterior, the buffer stops most of the temperature shifts.

Radiated heat is the culprit for lost energy in either the winter or summer. Allow the new glass and air buffer to stop this waste.

Saving Money During the Extreme Seasons

The real cost savings occurs when extreme weather is at play. During the winter, new glass can fight off drafts that might seep in through any part of the window. Summertime creates extra problems with heat moving through the glass.

Multiple panes and air buffers contribute to less air movement between the interior and exterior. It’s possible to save hundreds of dollars every year on electricity and natural gas when new glass is installed.

Protecting Against Windy Conditions

Your single-pane windows may be sturdy, but they can feel like sieves when windy conditions strike Lewisville, TX. The family might turn up the heat to combat drafts that seem to move directly through the glass.

Replacing the glass will help during these windy days. Dual- or triple-pane windows stop the wind, which allows the house to remain at a comfortable temperature. You won’t find yourself turning up the heat, which leads to expensive energy bills at month’s end.

Surprising Homeowners With Noise Control

Any glass replacement will also impact the home’s noise levels. Outside sounds, such as cars or construction work, are immediately muted. If you typically run a fan for white noise in the home before a glass-replacement project, you won’t need to waste energy on this practice anymore.

The house will be remarkably quiet, which may help with energy costs when it comes to running stereos and televisions at lower volume levels than before. Every adjustment can equate to lower energy costs as you alter daily habits.

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