What is a Semi-Frameless Shower?

There are certain things in life that we simply can not live without. Think about the modern conveniences that we are afforded and the impact they have on our everyday lives. I think about all the amenities that serve to make my experience enjoyable, and there are a few things that we use daily that makes getting up and going to work and easy process but none more important than an excellent quality shower. I have searched far and wide and have found that there is no better company to supply me with a high-performance luxury shower than Grass N Pane.

The Texas-based, family-owned company has been providing high-quality service for its customers in hopes of making your shower experience an enjoyable one. At Grass N Pane Company, they pride themselves on assisting everyday homeowners such as yourself to walk into your bathroom and feel an incredible sense of pride in the quality shower you can use daily. But the company is not just for the everyday homeowner. Grass N Pane works closely with real estate investors and rehabilitation builders, including professional re-modelers, and hundreds of local interior designers with their glass needs for nearly two and a half decades. This Family owned and operated company has developed a prestigious reputation over its years of business by working under the principles of ensuring that they “put the customer first” in every interaction with the customer. If you are looking for a genuinely reliable service, that is always on time; you would be doing yourself a favor by working closely with this company for your glass shower needs.

One of their premier products is the infamous Semi-Frameless Shower. The Semi-Frameless Shower. Of the many available styles and designs out there in the market, the semi-frameless shower is the top pick by consumers today. You have many options to choose from by shopping with Grass N Pane, like framed showers but if you want to experience the next level of the shower going experiences, you should seriously consider going semi-frameless. But what is the difference? A frameless shower scress is in essence, as the name suggests, a shower screen devoid of any frames what so ever. This is an exquisite, timeless version of the shower screen that has a specific look that a lot of people enjoy. When examining the semi-frameless shower screen, it too is a very different experience in terms of shower esthetics. The semi-frame has a partially framed that gives the shower a more traditional and clean look to most consumers.

The type of glass you use on your shower is not only for the function of the shower but is a statement in design. Most people shower at least once a day, so to have a shower that screams out class and style every time you walk into the restroom to have a cleansing recharge will improve the quality of your life and make the rest of your day, all the sweeter. For more information, you can visit http://glassnpane.com/semi-frameless-showers/ today.