Why replace a flat bathroom mirror with a beveled Mirror

If you’re looking to add a touch of elegance to your bathroom, replacing a flat and lifeless mirror with a beveled mirror is a great place to start.

What are beveled mirrors?
A beveled mirror is a mirror with edges that are cut at an angle in order to give an appearance of a mirror with a framed edge around it. The beveled edge gives the mirror a subtle, embellished look. A beveled mirror also gives it a finished look that a mirror with a straight edge doesn’t have. The thicker the glass used, the more noticeable the beveled edge.

Beveled mirrors serve the same purpose and function as any other mirrors. However, a beveled mirror has a nicer finish. Beveled mirrors come in all shapes and sizes — and can even be custom-made.

Benefits of beveled mirrors

· Aesthetically pleasing. Beveled mirrors add beauty and elegance to your bathroom. The mirror’s slant catches and refracts the light, which acts like a prism that causes an exquisite rainbow effect. In addition, beveled mirrors make the bathroom appear bigger and more spacious.
· Safety. Beveled mirrors are often considered safer due to the fact that the polishing and the grinding of the edge eliminate smaller imperfections formed when the glass was cut. Moreover, the process involved in creating the slant polishes the sharp corners and edges of the mirror, so you don’t have to worry about the sharp edges.
· Eliminates the need to frame the mirror. Because it already has a slanted edge, a beveled mirror often doesn’t need to be framed.
· Brightens the room. In a bathroom with less light, a beveled mirror can help make the room appear brighter and reflective instead of gloomy.
· A smart investment. Beveled mirrors are highly desired and preferred over flat mirrors by many homeowners and buyers. Although beveled mirrors do cost more than flat mirrors, the intangible benefits of beauty, safety and brightness are considered to be well worth the added expense.

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