Why Do I Need A Tub & Shower Enclosure?

There are so many different trendy bathroom designs these days. Walk-in showers with as much space as a small room, several rainfall shower-heads and other water-propulsion devices, along with seating for more than one person, seem to be popping up everywhere. As luxurious as they are, they just can’t compare to a soothing soak in a hot bathtub complete with plenty of bubbles, candles, and maybe even a little aromatherapy going on. But, what’s the best way to enclose a bathtub, especially if it has a shower as well. Let’s look at the advantages of some tubs & shower enclosures over the traditional shower curtain.

Mold and Mildew

There are some beautiful designs out there for shower curtains. They can be as simple as a vinyl panel to a look that mimics a picture window. And, you can switch them out as often as you like to create a different look. But, the hot steamy air in your bathroom isn’t the best combination for the liner of a shower curtain. It takes longer to dry than the walls creating the perfect warm, damp environment where mold and mildew will thrive.

A glass enclosure will protect the walls and floors.

It actually creates a seal around your bathtub and shower which greatly reduces the amount of water that is splashed on the walls and floors of your bathroom. You can choose a traditional framed glass enclosure or a more trendy frame-less style, depending on your own personal preference. Both will effectively contain the water. With a shower curtain, water can easily escape and settle in baseboards or tile and cause damage if you don’t notice it in time.

Glass tubs & shower enclosures are easier to clean.

The only real option to keep shower curtains clean is to replace them. It can be very cumbersome to try to clean them. Glass enclosures are easy to keep clean and dry. You can always let them air dry, or you can quickly wipe them down each time you use them. There are also products that you can spray on your glass that will make the water bead up.

The Look

Honestly, glass enclosures just look amazing. There’s something about the clean lines around the bath area combined with the luster of the glass that really sets off the bathroom. And, having glass doors will create the illusion of more space than there actually is in the room. Being able to see through the glass tricks your brain into thinking it’s seeing further than it really is.

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