When And Why Do I Need To Install A Semi-Frameless Shower?

When it comes to showers, there are three basic types and they are framed, frameless and semi-frameless showers. In reality, the three of them have their own pros and cons but for semi-frameless shower Coppell homeowners believe it offers the features of both worlds (framed and frameless). This is why it is more popular than the others.

Apart from that, this article outlines the other features of semi-frameless shower Coppell residents find really attractive. Before delving into the features of semi-frameless shower, you need to know that it has framing only around the main perimeter but not around the door. So, there is framing at the top, at the bottom, and at the sides that are in direct contact with the wall.

They strike the best balance between beauty and affordability

Frameless showers are the most beautiful but they are also the most expensive but semi-frameless showers are almost as beautiful as frameless showers, but they come at a lower cost.

Another reason frameless showers are relatively more expensive is because they are classier and more elegant. On the other hand, semi-frameless showers offer some of the elegance of frameless ones but at a lower cost. So, if you love the elegance of frameless showers but cannot afford the cost, you can make do with a semi-frameless shower.

They offer flexibility

All the glass walls for frameless and semi-frameless showers are made with strong safety glass for safety reasons. However, this does not reduce their variety. You can get the showers in a wide variety of colors. The color variety is achieved by tinting the glass in different colors. The major advantage of having a large selection of colors is to be able to get the shower that will match the color of your bathroom walls. It is needless to say using the same color for your shower and your bathroom walls will boost the value of your bathroom and that of your entire apartment.

You can also get them in a variety of glass textures and designs. Many come in frosted glass and some have been etched to different designs. This implies that semi-frameless showers can be customized for you.

With semi-frameless showers, you can design the door to open in different ways. You can design the door to open to the left or to the right. The door can open inward or outward and if you have space constraints, you can configure a sliding door. You can even include magnetic closure for improved water resistance.

So, flexibility is often the major reason you can opt for a semi-frameless shower. When you desire flexibility, then you should go for either a frameless shower or a semi-frameless one but the latter is more cost efficient, so it helps save some money.

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