We had a good cold snap here did your windows get condensation in them?

When the cold weather hits, so can condensation in your home’s windows. And although there are remedies that can reduce window condensation (i.e. a dehumidifier), there’s also the distinct possibility that it’s time for window replacement.

What causes window condensation?
Interior window condensation is caused by excessive moisture in the house, and it often occurs in the winter when the warm air inside the house condenses on the cold windows. Exterior window condensation occurs when the window is colder than the dew point. Condensation between window panes occurs when the seal between the panes is broken or when the desiccant (a substance that absorbs water) inside the windows is saturated.

Effects of window condensation
Not only is condensation irritating because it’s unsightly and obstructs your view, but it can even damage your home, especially if you have older windows. It can rot wood molding and damage plaster – and the excess moisture in your home can damage other parts in your house, not just the areas around the windows.

Benefits of window replacement
When older windows begin to fail due to a broken seal, it can lead to decreased energy efficiency in addition to increased condensation. Although some may tell you that a repair is a viable option, the fact is that it’s extremely difficult to separate the old panes and reseal them again. As a result, a repair is only a temporary solution. The best long term solution for window failure is to purchase a high quality window replacement with a good, long warranty that’s installed by a professional company with experience and a solid reputation. A quality window replacement will provide you with an array of additional benefits, including:

· Lower Energy Costs. Replacing your windows may be one of the most cost-effective home improvements you can make. Well-insulated windows keep extreme outdoor conditions from affecting your indoor heating and cooling system.
· UV Protection. Most people love having natural light in the home, but excessive ultraviolet rays can cause fading in your home’s interior. Protect your home’s walls, floors, and furnishings by choosing windows that have Low-E insulating double-pane or triple-pane glass with argon that provides added protection from UV-rays.
· Lower maintenance. Replacing your existing windows with new quality windows that feature advanced designs will increase sustainability. Look for easy-clean features, durability, and quality construction. Innovative designs and technology not only contribute to less time spent cleaning, but they can also reduce the dust and allergens in your home.
· A Safer Home. Quality windows are available with glass options that can increase the safety and security of your home. Tempered glass is less likely to cause injury when accidentally broken, as it’s designed to break into small granular chunks instead of splintering into jagged shards. Laminated glass has a polymer interlayer that holds the glass together if shattered – offering added protection from potential intruders.
· Noise Reduction. Reduce outside noise by installing high-quality windows with noise-reducing glass options.
· Curb Appeal. While replacing your windows can reduce energy costs and increase security, the style, color, and material can also benefit your home. New and improved windows can boost your home’s curb appeal, adding visual interest.
· Home Value. According to the National Association of Realtors, window replacement projects can return homeowners more than 78% of the project costs upon resale!

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