Wardrobe Mirrors

mirrorPopular in the 80’s, Wardrobe Mirrors are back in vogue due to their benefits in both functionality and style!

One of the biggest benefits of a wardrobe mirror is how it can make a room appear larger.

It reflects the natural light, adding brightness and dimension to help the room feel more open, airy and spacious.

Wardrobe Mirrors are also a practical choice.  They save floor space by becoming part of the design vision for the room – and full length mirrors get frequent use.  This is a significant benefit in a home without a dressing room or a large walk-in closet.

While mirrored wardrobes look great in contemporary spaces, they blend equally well with classic, art deco, and even traditional decorating.

If positioned properly, wardrobe mirrors can make rooms look brighter during the daytime, which helps reduce power consumption.  In addition to being energy efficient, the mirror can also turn the gloomy appearance of a dimly lit house into a warm and welcoming environment for guests and residents alike.

Wardrobe mirrors offer a low maintenance and easy-to-clean option to change the appearance of a bedroom and will look great for years to come.   For a new classic in both design and functionality, a Wardrobe Mirror is an ideal solution!

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