Upgrade your shower to a frameless or semi farmless shower today.

Frameless and Semi-frameless Glass showers Offer Flexibility
The best reason for a frameless shower is flexibility. True, upgrading your bathroom can cost a little more but the value of doing what works best is priceless.

Standard shower doors come in certain dimensions that limits what can be done. Frameless and semi-frameless showers, on the other hand, allow you to expand the possibilities of where you spend upwards of 60 hours a year. This blog takes a look at some of the reasons you might look to a frameless or semi-frameless glass shower to solve your bathroom limitations and create showers that fit for your bathroom ambitions.

Since these doors are customizable, you can create showers that fit just right into a small bathroom. This allows the room to be used more efficiently and to avoid jamming into place the items that make a bathroom a bathroom.

The look of a frameless shower is superior. There are fewer materials that get in the way of the style you want to exploit, like rubber or metal edges. Frameless glass showers give you the flexibility to display that perfect stone tile decorating the bathroom wall or maybe it’s a tiled look.
The glass door allows this look to be continuous throughout.

Showers with semi-frameless glass doors are also an upgrade to the standard shower inset. These too can preserve that contiguous look, though there are some little pieces of hardware that can get in the way (though not really).

Minimize Mold
Mold likes to find crevices where water pools. Frameless and semi-frameless glass showers provide fewer spots for mold to set up shop. A typical framed door creates opportunities for mold to get a foothold. Another good thing about frameless and semi-frameless glass showers is that they are easy to clean — no scrubbing is necessary.

There are considerations, however. It is important to pick the right installer to make sure the shower is indeed the right size, down to a sixteenth of an inch. Leaks can otherwise end up making your bathroom a mess. Also, it is wise to make sure you are sure of the intended upgrade. Changing your mind can be costly since the price of a custom glass shower is more than one would pay for a standard-sized shower.

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