The heat is coming are your windows ready?

As we move closer to the Summer months we understand you will be looking for ways to lower your energy costs at a time of year when your HVAC system will be working overtime. Here at Glass N Pane, we believe you should have all the facts on hand to make sure you can make the right decision about window and glass replacement in and around Lewisville, Texas. You may have heard about energy efficient windows and want to know more about why these are the best option for you.

The cost of energy efficient windows

Let’s get the difficult news out of the way first, energy efficient windows do cost around 15 percent more than cheaper options. However, over the life of your energy efficient windows, you will generally see more than a 15 percent savings over the next few years due to lower costs for your utility bills. We believe you should have all the facts about your window options and have the ability to make a decision based on the fact your windows should give you the chance to save money in the hot Summer months.

Effective throughout the year

When we at Glass N Pane spend our time helping you with your window and glass replacement needs, we believe you should understand the latest energy efficient windows can lower your bills throughout the year. The latest glass technology allows you to remove hot spots in your rooms during the Summer months. In warmer periods of the year, you will find your windows reflect a large amount of radiant heat from the Sun and keep the cooled air of your home trapped within.

Solar rays struggle to enter your home

One of the main issues our customers like you tell us about is that of personal possessions fading over time because of the damaging effects of solar rays. The latest glass technology allows people around the world to enjoy an extra level of protection for their possessions which have been affected by fading and sun damage in the past. Choosing to replace your glass with energy efficient options sees the inclusion of a film covering the exterior of the window reflecting around 98 percent of the rays of the Sun.

A healthier, safer environment

The environment is weighing heavily on the minds of most of the population and we like to think we are doing our bit to protect the planet for future generations. The people of Texas understand the need to install energy efficient products with glass replacement high on the list of all homeowners. By reducing your energy usage through lower levels of heating and cooling you will be reducing your carbon footprint in a major way. Installing energy efficient windows can also lead to a lowered chance of mold spores invading your home because of a reduced amount of condensation which often leads to health issues for your family.

At Glass N Pane we like to put the customer first and find the window replacement options you can trust in Lewisville, Texas.

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