The Clear Benefits of Commercial Window Replacement

It’s clear that the holiday season is upon us – but can shoppers clearly see through your old storefront windows? If not, it may be time for commercial window replacement from your friends at Glass N Pane!

The Benefits of Commercial Window Replacement are Clear!

· Aesthetically pleasing. When your business has old windows, you may experience more than just an unsightly façade. With older commercial windows, just like those in homes, seals age and deteriorate, causing the windows to fog up when the weather gets cold. You can’t see out – and shoppers can’t see in. Plus, a business is always more inviting to customers when it’s maintained in tip-top shape!
· Safety. Aging glass can be a safety concern and liability if it shatters. Thanks to advances in technology, new state-of-the-art windows are much stronger and resistant to breaking and shattering.
· Energy savings. Older windows are typically less energy efficient due to the quality of glass in addition to aging and broken seals. You can greatly increase your energy efficiency and reduce your energy costs by installing new energy-efficient windows.
· Reduced sound transmission. For a business on a busy street, newer windows with a higher sound transmission class (STC) number will block sound and help make your interior quieter — and your occupants more comfortable.
· Lower maintenance. Older window frames commonly require regular maintenance to seal gaps and repair cracks. With new windows and frames, you’ll enjoy low or no maintenance for years to come!

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At Glass N Pane, we offer a wide array of complete storefront services and solutions for commercial window replacement — in addition to repairs and maintenance. Just some of our commercial services include:

· Closures
· Rollers
· Safety Glass
· Plexiglas
· Insulated Glass

If you need commercial window replacement, Glass N Pane is the name to trust! Family owned and operated for over 24 years, we have built a “put the customer first reputation” with our reliable service that’s always delivered with a smile. At Glass N Pane, we’re committed to making your experience as simple as possible. Call us today at 972-436-4221 to schedule a complimentary consultation and estimate.

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