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Framing a Bathtub or Shower with Shower Glass

Showers are an essential to any home. Most shower stalls are framed with glass in order to keep water from spraying all over the rest of the bathroom. Additionally, glass is the most beautiful and durable option.

When a business owner or homeowner is remodeling a bathroom, selecting a glass for the shower it may seem a bit overwhelming if the person is unsure of what to look for. That is why it’s typically best to leave it to a professional. Glass N Pane has an exceptional clientele, and are skilled in glass and framing options for bathroom partitions, separating the shower from the rest of the bathroom. They can inform their clients of all of the possible options, making their selection even easier.

Frameless Showers vary but, regardless, it is an excellent way to create separation between the shower and the rest of the bathroom. If glass is used, it can even give an open feeling in a bathroom, making it seemingly more spacious. This is usually desired by those remodeling a bathroom, considering that is typically the smallest room in any home. It also happens to be one of the most used rooms.

There are several options when it comes to framing a bathtub. There are custom options, prefabricated frames, frame-less alternatives, and more. Glass N Pane encourages their clients to select the best options for their residential or commercial glass needs. Their professionals are highly trained and very knowledgeable of all the possibilities.

Consider all of your tub and shower enclosure choices when remodeling a bathroom in any residential. Take into consideration who will be using the bathroom most. If the bathroom for a master bedroom is being remodeled, the options may be endless.

Glass N Pane can install bathtub enclosures and assure their customers a beautiful shower glass that will prove to be one of their most enjoyed purchases. From frame-less showers to framed showers, they will assist their clients in their selections, making sure that they are ecstatic about their new shower glass installation.

Bathroom Upgrades And Bathtub Replacement

With the property market crash now starting to look like a distant memory, and many people’s finances improving, they are looking for ways in which to not only spend what they have, but to do so in a way that may guarantee a future return, hopefully profitable. One of the best ways for homeowners to do this is to make noticeable upgrades to the home. This can include an extension, a new kitchen, or upgrading a bathroom. Many people will move into a property, make a few changes, and then leave it at that. Just making a few changes, such as bathtub replacement, could possibly make a home worth a little more.


It is, however advised that rather than just changing the bathtub replacement, it is much better to do a complete remodeling of the bathroom. Although this may seem to be an expensive option, if property prices are increasing, then it is best to look at it as an investment, especially if a move is planned in the future. It is always best to remodel a bathroom, one to two years before moving. That way it does not look overused, and the homeowners get to enjoy it as well for a time. Research has shown that a new bathroom and kitchen in a home can add a decent amount onto the property price. It also helps to sell the house much quicker.

When doing a remodel on a room, it does not mean that a lot of money needs to be spent on it. Just purchasing cheaper options such as bathtub enclosures, toilet, and sink can make it look more expensive that what it actually is. So for a little effort, and a small price, it is possible to enjoy a new bathroom, and add to the property price.

Give Glass N Pane a call today to talk about the different options of upgrading your bathtub or shower enclosures.