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Frameless Shower Replacement Options For Small Spaces

Choose frameless shower replacement units for your next bathroom remodeling project. You stand to open up even the smallest, most cramped space by installing a frameless shower.

Frameless shower replacement units look the same as they sound. Your Glass N Pane can help you choose a style and size that can be installed even to replace a sliding shower door unit. The glass you choose can help make a small bathroom instantly look like it has more space. Best of all, you can get the shower doors installed so they open at just the right angle for you.

Corner shower units can then be enhanced by installing the kind of tile you like on the walls or bottom of the shower floor. With the frameless glass enclosure, the beauty of the tile you choose is always visible, adding another dimension to your small bathroom.

A qualified frameless shower replacement contractor can also install the unit quickly while coating the glass with a special product designed to keep soap scum and other debris from building up on the glass. This helps keep cleaning your new frameless shower doors a lot easier, and it helps maintain the investment you make in your bathroom renovation.

Do not worry if your are choosing a frameless unit to replace an existing sliding-glass unit. Glass N Pane has everything on hand to cover up holes so that your new shower unit looks perfect. Most all glass products and enclosures also come with a warranty, so you can be sure you will get trouble-free use out of your shower for years to come.

See what options you have to give your small bathroom an instant upgrade by looking at the available frameless shower door units offered by Glass N Pane.

Frameless Glass Showers

Investing in a home is a lifetime achievement. Any home repairs or remodels that are performed can greatly extend the life of the home investment, while adding considerable value as well. The most important aspect of any home repair or remodel is determining what elements of the home add value to the investment over time. Like cars, there are certain features in a home that are used every day that need to look great, as well as function perfectly to its intended use.


While a kitchen is the most used area of any home, the bathroom also has an equal stand as the most used area of a home. The bathroom is where the day begins, whether getting ready for work or going out for a night on the town. Investing in the bathroom of any home can add considerable value to the investment; a investment to add value to the home is a good, quality shower. Showers come in all shapes and sizes, and depending on the size of the space, the right shower can have a huge impact on any home.

While not all showers are created equal, frameless glass showers are an affordable option for turning any bathroom into a luxurious spa-like space. With a sleek modern design, frameless showers are becoming popular, as they give the illusion of wide open space in the bathroom. Where there may not be room for a tub, a frameless shower will certainly provide the functionality any bathroom needs.

Just like any investment, it is important to ensure that any installations and repairs are done properly, and to take proper care of them once completed. If the decision has been made to install a frameless glass shower, it is important to have a good, quality commercial and residential installer make the necessary recommendations and installation. Custom, frameless showers are easy to find at Glass N Pane. They understand the importance of any investment, and as a member of the BBB, want everyone to know the importance of receiving the best quality installation, no matter what company is hired.

It is important to take care of any home, and while life does happen, it is important that a home grows with the family that lives there. The investment then becomes worth the value of remodeling, ensuring the quality of life and growth for years to come. With the installation of a quality frameless shower, bathroom maintenance is greatly reduced, giving more time to family instead of chores. Making life simpler in a busy world is something not found every day, but with the installation of a frameless shower, a busy day just got a whole lot simpler.

Framing a Bathtub or Shower with Shower Glass

Showers are an essential to any home. Most shower stalls are framed with glass in order to keep water from spraying all over the rest of the bathroom. Additionally, glass is the most beautiful and durable option.

When a business owner or homeowner is remodeling a bathroom, selecting a glass for the shower it may seem a bit overwhelming if the person is unsure of what to look for. That is why it’s typically best to leave it to a professional. Glass N Pane has an exceptional clientele, and are skilled in glass and framing options for bathroom partitions, separating the shower from the rest of the bathroom. They can inform their clients of all of the possible options, making their selection even easier.

Frameless Showers vary but, regardless, it is an excellent way to create separation between the shower and the rest of the bathroom. If glass is used, it can even give an open feeling in a bathroom, making it seemingly more spacious. This is usually desired by those remodeling a bathroom, considering that is typically the smallest room in any home. It also happens to be one of the most used rooms.

There are several options when it comes to framing a bathtub. There are custom options, prefabricated frames, frame-less alternatives, and more. Glass N Pane encourages their clients to select the best options for their residential or commercial glass needs. Their professionals are highly trained and very knowledgeable of all the possibilities.

Consider all of your tub and shower enclosure choices when remodeling a bathroom in any residential. Take into consideration who will be using the bathroom most. If the bathroom for a master bedroom is being remodeled, the options may be endless.

Glass N Pane can install bathtub enclosures and assure their customers a beautiful shower glass that will prove to be one of their most enjoyed purchases. From frame-less showers to framed showers, they will assist their clients in their selections, making sure that they are ecstatic about their new shower glass installation.

Benefits of a Custom Glass Shower

The Benefits of Getting a Custom Glass Shower

One of the first things buyers look at in a home is the bathroom. A remodeled bathroom can raise the value of your property exponentially, and can help you to build up equity. One great way to make your bathroom more appealing is with a custom glass shower.

But a glass shower won’t just help you raise the value of your home. It will also make your home a more pleasant place to live in, and will help you express your own unique style. It’ll even allow you to take more relaxing and comfortable showers.

See, when you get a shower custom made, you’ll be able to bring your own vision to life. The glass used for these showers is absolutely beautiful, and the materials used are of the highest quality. Having a custom glass shower will make your bathroom feel like something really special.


A glass shower can be easier to keep clean than a shower and tub combo. You won’t have to worry about periodically replacing a shower curtain or changing out your liner. You can just use a glass cleaner and be done with it. It looks better and it’s easier to live with.

A custom glass shower gives you so many options, and all of them are wonderful. For example, you could go with a frameless shower or semi-frameless. You have so many choices when you take this route. You’re not just deciding between two similar options. You can really make your bathroom your own.

So if you’re looking into having a bathroom redone, consider custom showers, and give Glass N Pane a call today! .

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Opting For Semi Frameless Showers

Get a classic, streamlined look while enjoying the function you would from an ordinary full framed shower when you opt to install semi frameless showers in your home. Before you delve into the purchase, be sure to get high quality glass, tinting and frame options to create the custom look you desire.

Semi frameless showers may sound like a challenging product to own. After all, how can they perform well without letting water escape and flood an entire bathroom? The fact is well made semi frameless showers have a tight seal at the bottom of each half of the glass, which protects your bathroom from having water leak out onto the floor.

Couple this with a pair of hinges designed to move in both directions made out of your choice of finish, and you have a safe, effective and beautiful shower enclosure. Avoid manufacturers who offer only plastic hinges. These often seem like the easy, more affordable option, but they often disappoint, as they do not have the longevity or durability of metal hinges.

Semi frameless showers are customizable to suit any type of bathroom or bathroom style, and they are easy to clean. Instead of having a double channel, low profile glass fits over a single channel keeping things as clean and free of mold or soap scum as possible. Semi frameless products also make it easy to clean thoroughly, without having to worry about dirt accumulating in the frame, or hard water creating discolorations that require special cleaning products to remove.

Imagine what it is you want for your new bathroom. Then, decide on the type of glass, including a tint, that will appeal most to your new shower area. Finish the look by choosing the hinges that complete the look in an array of metals.

Semi Frameless Shower Enclosure | Glass N Pane

Choosing A Semi Frameless Shower Enclosure

A bathroom remodel can be very exciting. This is the chance to make the bathroom of your dreams. The only constraints that you will face will be budget and space. If budget is one of the biggest factors you are facing and you are wanting the look of a frameless shower enclosure, then perhaps you should research a semi frameless shower enclosure.

A semi frameless shower enclosure will usually have a low profile frame that is coupled with a solid glass door. This option may sound like it is mass produced, but that is not necessarily the case. Depending on the company, there are often many ways to personalize the semi frameless shower enclosure to suit your space, taste and, most importantly, your budget.



You will usually be able to chose various options regarding the framing used. There are also a wide variety of glass choices available. It is very possible to design a one of a kind bathroom with all of the available choices.

It is often in you best interest to design and build your new bathroom with an experienced contractor. A contractor that has experience in bathroom renovations will be able to tell you exactly what will and will not work in your chosen space.

A contractor will also be able to steer you in the right direction when it comes to choosing finishes and fixtures for your new bathroom. You want to make sure that you are happy with everything that you are choosing since chances are you will be using this bathroom for a very long time. Your bathroom should be your oasis and sanctuary, not some where that you dread going into each day. It is important to think about your family and lifestyle when deciding on your new bathroom finishes and fixtures.