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Opting For Semi Frameless Showers

Get a classic, streamlined look while enjoying the function you would from an ordinary full framed shower when you opt to install semi frameless showers in your home. Before you delve into the purchase, be sure to get high quality glass, tinting and frame options to create the custom look you desire.

Semi frameless showers may sound like a challenging product to own. After all, how can they perform well without letting water escape and flood an entire bathroom? The fact is well made semi frameless showers have a tight seal at the bottom of each half of the glass, which protects your bathroom from having water leak out onto the floor.

Couple this with a pair of hinges designed to move in both directions made out of your choice of finish, and you have a safe, effective and beautiful shower enclosure. Avoid manufacturers who offer only plastic hinges. These often seem like the easy, more affordable option, but they often disappoint, as they do not have the longevity or durability of metal hinges.

Semi frameless showers are customizable to suit any type of bathroom or bathroom style, and they are easy to clean. Instead of having a double channel, low profile glass fits over a single channel keeping things as clean and free of mold or soap scum as possible. Semi frameless products also make it easy to clean thoroughly, without having to worry about dirt accumulating in the frame, or hard water creating discolorations that require special cleaning products to remove.

Imagine what it is you want for your new bathroom. Then, decide on the type of glass, including a tint, that will appeal most to your new shower area. Finish the look by choosing the hinges that complete the look in an array of metals.