Semi-frameless shower versus shower curtain

If you’re tired of the dated appearance of your shower curtains, a semi-frameless shower enclosure is an ideal and cost-effective solution!


What is a semi-frameless shower?

A semi-frameless shower enclosure consists of tempered safety glass with a header on top of the unit for increased stability.  Unlike the door of the framed enclosure, the semi-frameless door has no channel at the top or bottom, or on the handle side. 

Advantages of a semi-frameless shower versus a shower curtain

In addition to the enhanced, more contemporary appearance of your bathroom, a semi-frameless shower offers many other benefits including:

  • Less maintenance. Shower curtains need to be thoroughly maintained in order to prevent mold and mildew from breeding on their surface.   Semi-frameless shower doors require minimal maintenance.  A squeegee after each use will keep them clean – and if they ever become soiled from hard water or scale buildup, a bath sponge with warm, soapy water will do the trick!
  • No mess. When left hanging outside of the bathtub, shower curtains commonly drip on the floor and make a mess.  With a semi-frameless shower door, you close it securely and there’s no mess at all!
  • A healthier and eco-friendly solution. Studies show that vinyl shower curtains contain polyvinyl chloride chemicals that are extremely detrimental towards human health and the environment.  Also, the newer vinyl curtains release volatile organic compounds into the air.  These toxins can cause headaches, nausea, and respiratory problems.  Developing young children are especially sensitive to these chemicals.
  • Longer lasting. Safety tempered or laminated glass used in semi-frameless showers provides many years of worry-free durability.
  • Versatility. Today, there are more choices than ever before in selecting the perfect shower enclosure – with a wide range of sizes, colors, glass options and details to match any style and décor.

While a semi-frameless shower will obviously be more expensive than a curtain, the benefits – both long and short term – will certainly justify the expense and offer a strong return on your investment.

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