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ROI on updating your shower in Frisco

Frameless_4Frisco is one of the hottest real estate markets in the country – and experts say there’s no end in sight to the Frisco boom, thanks to its family-friendly environment and proximity to so many corporate relocations, restaurants, retail, hotels — and its top-rated school district!

That’s why, if you live in Frisco, an investment in home improvement is a smart expenditure that will likely generate a significant financial return when it comes time to sell. An updated shower is one renovation with the highest return on your investment (ROI).

Some of the key benefits of a shower renovation include:

  • High ROI. As mentioned, a shower remodel is one of the best home improvement investments you can make. Research shows that you can expect a minimum 84% ROI of what you spend on your shower renovation when you sell!
  • Adds beauty to your entire bathroom. As a showpiece of your bathroom, your new shower will offer a dreamlike aesthetic appeal that’s luxurious, sensual and serene. Everyone will view a stylish shower as an added bonus!
  • Lower maintenance. Thanks to the latest styles, designs and surfaces, a shower remodel will also provide you with lower-maintenance durability for years to come. Today’s high-quality, non-porous materials reduce mold and mildew – and won’t chip, stain or fade, even after years of use.
  • Energy efficiency. A shower with state-of-the-art fixtures will offer you more options for comfort and relaxation – in addition to saving you money due to cost-saving, energy-efficient features. Replacing an old shower head alone will reduce water usage and provide responsible conservation.

Whether you’re buying a new home in Frisco or selling the one you own, a shower remodel is a great investment. Either way, you’ll see a significant ROI down the road, while enjoying the beauty, comfort and convenience of your new bathroom feature.

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