Glass Patio Doors

Patio Doors–One Of Your Home’s Best Features?

Ah, patios! When the weather’s fine, there’s no place like home on your patio. It’s a place of relaxation and rejuvenation. It’s where you take time to reflect, play catch with your dog, and spend time with your family and friends. You’ve probably spent time and money making your patio area an enjoyable space, but what about the entry to it? A great patio space deserves a great patio door.

With so many different styles available, and so many improvements in door technology over the decades, upgrading that old patio door might be just what your home needs. There’s no doubt that upgrading those old doors and windows is a good investment of time and money, especially when it comes to old patio doors. Older patio doors often have issues such as heat loss and water leakage, affecting both personal comfort and utility usage. Security might also be a concern; most older patio doors have only one lock, often an old-fashioned kind of latch which isn’t very secure compared with what is on the market now. We’ve seen a lot of changes in materials and production techniques in the last few decades. This has resulted in a wide selection of beautiful doors that can also make your home more energy-efficient.

Modern models are often far better insulated than old ones, with double-paned glass, tinting, more efficient gaskets and weather-stripping. Better insulation materials keep you warmer in winter, and tinting helps to reduce radiant heat that will make your home too warm in summer time. Replace that door, and you might see a reduction in your utilities. Modern door gaskets are better at sealing out rainwater than most older patio doors, which are often sliding doors that run on an unsealed track. They also often offer greater home security, too, with better locks positioned at multiple points on the door rather than just one latch.

Patio doors have undergone quite a transformation over the decades. There’s no denying that they’re a practical upgrade; new doors can help to lower bills and prevent damage from water infiltration. Additionally, replacing a leaky, drafty old patio door with a modern one can make a significant cosmetic difference to your home, making it more enjoyable to live in. You might even see a return on your investment when it’s time to sell the house, too, making your cosmetic decision a fiscally sound one two ways–reducing bills and adding to the value of your home.

In the end, though, perhaps the biggest benefit is the most personal one. A well-kept patio will add significantly to your quality of life, providing the perfect setting for getting closer to your friends, your family or even yourself. Replacing your old door with a new one can offer an inviting transition from indoors to outdoors, encouraging you to spend more time enjoying yourself outdoors without ever having to leave your home.

Energy efficiency, better security and beauty; modern patio doors give you all of these, so let’s go door shopping!

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