Frameless shower

It’s time to upgrade your shower to a Frameless Shower

Frameless shower doors open the visual space of your bathroom, show off your tile work to great effect and make your space look much larger. In addition, a quality frameless shower can be opened either direction and can be easily customized if you decide to put in a spa bathroom or need a roll-in shower feature.



Visual Expansion


Tracked shower doors are tethered at the top by an aluminum track and at the bottom by the lip of the shower or tub enclosure. Tall people have to duck to get under that frame as it usually tops out at about 6 feet and there’s a large opening at the top where water can splash out.



Flexible and Easy to Customize


For those who are thinking long term, it’s important to note that frameless showers can be built to your specifications and offer users the chance to design a door that will open either direction. Your shower can also be customized with a low lip or no lip design at the edge of the base so you can plan for a roll in shower.


If you’re going to rehab your shower, now is a great time to plan ahead. Set up the space with towel warmers just because you deserve the luxury! However, now’s also a good time to add grab bars and a bench if you or a loved one should need it in the future. If possible, consider checking out opening up the access to the bathroom and adding pocket doors to the space.



Make Cleaning A Breeze


Because your frameless shower door will be so open and have so little hardware to work around, you can easily clean the shower doors with a simple combination of things you probably had in the cupboard. There are even several homemade recipes of cleaners to handle hard water spots and soap scum. Spray, rinse and you’re done!





The glass used in our frameless shower custom installations is tempered and extremely durable. Tempered glass is heated in the manufacturing process. If it should break, it doesn’t shatter but crumbles into small chunks. It should be noted that tempered glass can still cause injuries, but is much less likely to cause deep or jagged cuts.



Final Thoughts


The addition of a custom frameless shower enclosure to your bathroom offers the chance to make a space that usually feels small into something elegant and spacious. Upgrade your space today!

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