Is a Glass Shower safe or will the glass shatter?

A shower is a special place in your home to help you feel relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated. Thanks to advances in technology in glass showers, you can also feel completely safe – with no worries of broken or shattered glass.

Glass showers are one of our many specialties at Glass N Pane, and we’re here to design and install the perfect glass shower for you – one that’s sleek, safe and durable for many years to come.

Why purchase a glass shower from Glass N Pane?

· Tempered glass. At Glass N Pane, we have tempered glass in all of the glass showers we sell. Designed with safety in mind, much like the glass used in cars and airplanes, tempered glass takes a serious blow to break. And when it does, it shatters into small granular chunks instead of large shards, subsequently protecting both people and pets near the glass – and also providing easy cleanup in the unlikely case that it does break.
· American made. The glass showers we sell and install at Glass N Pane are American made, with all of the safety requirements set forth by federal, state and local building codes.
· Professional installation. At Glass N Pane, our professional and experienced installers work tirelessly to ensure that your glass shower is installed properly and safely. We inspect the glass for any deformities like chipping or cracks – and will replace the entire glass panel immediately if a defect is seen.
· Aesthetics. Not only will your glass shower be safe, but it will add beauty to your entire bathroom, with a dreamlike aesthetic appeal that’s luxurious, sensual and serene.
· Selection. Our selection of glass showers at Glass N Pane offers the latest in design and safety features – and you’ll also enjoy the lower-maintenance durability and tremendous value they offer.

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