in-glass pet door in Flower Mound

In-glass pet door?

in-glass pet door in Flower MoundIf you’re a dog or cat owner with a sliding glass or full panel glass patio door and wish you could have a pet door, you’re in luck.  Thanks to recent innovations, replacing the glass with a uniquely designed in-glass pet door is easier and more affordable than ever!

A glass professional can replace your original glass with an in-glass pet door in less than an hour – with no glass cutting or frame replacement required!   In-glass pet doors feature the same high-performance insulating and sealing benefits found in the popular wall and door mounted models.   Your in-glass pet door can be installed on single, dual or triple paned glass – as well as commercial grade.

Custom manufactured conversion kits will complement your existing frame, allowing your glass door to slide and lock normally while letting your furry friend come and go as they please!

Today’s in-glass pet doors provide an energy-efficient seal to prevent any air gaps, as well as security covers for your added peace-of-mind.  Each in-glass pet door is custom made to precisely fit into your window panel and can easily be converted back to the original door when you decide to sell your home.

With an array of in-glass options and frame colors to choose from, you’re sure to get the look you’ll love, while you and your beloved pet get the freedom and convenience you both deserve! Contact us to find out more!