Frameless Showers Lewisville

How safe is a frameless shower?

If you’re considering a bathroom remodel with a frameless shower but are concerned about its safety, worry no more!  Even though it may seem that a glass door without frame would be more inclined to break and shatter, today’s frameless shower doors are manufactured with safety in mind – and the risk of one shattering is minimal.

The safety features of frameless glass shower doors 

·    Frameless glass shower doors are made of thicker glass in order to support the panels. This makes the doors more durable.
·    Made of tempered (safety) glass, frameless doors are four to five times stronger than standard (annealed) glass, reducing the risk of injury if it does break.
·    When annealed glass breaks, it forms jagged pieces that can cause cuts and injuries.  However, safety/tempered glass breaks into small, oval-shaped pebbles when it breaks, greatly reducing the risk of a being injured if struck by the glass.
·    The frameless glass edges are filed down to a smooth surface that presents no danger to anyone getting in or out of your shower.

Additional benefits of frameless showers
Now that you can see that a frameless shower is indeed a safe choice, here are some additional benefits of installing one with your bathroom remodel:

·    Most people today prefer frameless glass doors because of their sleek and modern design.  You’ll enjoy many years with your choice of a frameless shower, while increasing the beauty and appeal of your bathroom when you decide to sell your home one day.
·    A frameless glass door can make a bathroom look bigger and show off a beautifully tiled shower and elegant hardware.
·    Compared to a traditional framed door, frameless shower doors are easier to clean and maintain.   Since there’s no metal frame, there’s no risk of corrosion or rust.  This feature also allows a frameless shower to outlast a framed model.
·    You can get a custom fit frameless shower door instead of limiting yourself to the standard framed sizes in stock.

With so many advantages to frameless showers – including safety, strength, aesthetics, durability and low maintenance — isn’t it time you call us to explore this ideal feature for your bathroom remodel?  We look forward to hearing from you soon! Contact us today!