How Much Money Did You Spend Heating Your Yard This Winter

It’s chilly outside this time of year, and if your windows are leaky, it’s chilly inside of your home this time of year, too. If you’ve been feeling drafts around the house, you might have decided to turn up your furnace. But this strategy only solves part of the problem. When you have windows that aren’t sealed properly, you’re losing a lot of heat. This can cost a lot of money, and you probably noticed your heating bill climb.

What Causes Leaky Windows?
If you’re losing heat through your windows, you might wonder how they became that way. It partially depends on how old your window is and the type of window that you have. The gist of it, though, is that the sealing on windows can crack over time. Consequently, double-pane windows lose their insulation properties. There is gas in between the two panes of glass that keep heat inside and cold outside, but when the seals leak, so does the gas. If you have older windows, you might also have problems with the frame not fitting the casing as well as it used to.

How Do You Know If Your Windows Are Leaking?
One of the first indicators that you might notice if your windows are leaking is the presence of drafts around the house. They’ll usually be near windows, and if you put your hand to the window glass, you’ll notice that it’s especially cold. You’ll also notice that your heating bill has slowly climbed over the past few years. Additionally, you might even notice that when you close the windows you can still hear the noises from outside. If you have double-pane windows, you’ll also notice that there’s a foggy layer in between the two panes. This is moisture that has leaked in between the panes.

How Much Energy is Lost Through Inefficient Windows
Exactly how much energy and money you’re losing through windows that have been in place longer than their lifespan can vary depending on the number of windows that you have and the severity of the leaks. But you can save hundreds on your heating and cooling bills throughout the year if you have more efficient windows.

How to Fix Leaking Windows
If you’re at the point where you’re seeing a fogginess in between the two panes, you’ll need to replace the glass and have the window sealed. While it’s possible to seal some cracks that are minor, if you’re feeling drafts, it’s likely already too late, and glass replacement is your best option.

If you think that you need glass replacement on your windows, call Glass N Pane for a consultation. Leaking windows can cost you thousands of dollars over even a few years, so the sooner you have them fixed, the more money you’ll actually save.

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