Residential Glass Services


HAIL DAMAGEHas a bad hail storm wreaked havoc on the glass in your home windows or doors?  If so, Glass N Pane can repair the damage so your windows and doors are restored back to their original condition – with added protection from future storms!

Not only can shattered glass damage your home, but it’s also a serious threat to the safety of you and your family.  Impact-resistant glass is a smart choice if you do live in an area that is prone to hail storms.  Although impact-resistant glass is not entirely impervious to breakage from large hailstones, it can still withstand impact better than ordinary non-impact resistant glass.

Impact-resistant glass typically consists of two layers of glass.   Even after sustaining a direct hit from a large hailstone, the glass may crack, but will not expose your home to wind, water and hail.  On the other hand, standard glass windows may likely break into large, sharp shards upon impact.

Impact-resistant glass protects your home as soon as it’s installed, providing you with immediate peace-of-mind.  It also provides protection from UV light that causes damage to your personal property including fabrics, photos and flooring.

Upgrading to impact-resistant glass may be slightly more expensive than standard glass, but it’s well worth the investment for the many benefits it provides.

Whether you’re looking to repair and restore your glass windows or doors damaged by a recent hail storm – or you’re seeking reinforcement for future storms – you should strongly consider contacting Glass N Pane to explore the many available options for the protection of your home and family!