Get Classy with Glass N Pane Semi-Frameless Showers

Your shower is a very important part of your bathroom. The shower enclosure must be user-friendly, and a place you can easily get in and out of. If it is also stylish, it can give you a beautiful bathing experience. There are several reasons why semi-frameless shower enclosures are so popular.

Semi-frameless showers give you the solidity of a fully framed shower enclosure with a unique design elegance that gives you much scope for creativity. Indeed, the only difference between the two is the fully framed enclosures have metal frames on all sides of the door, while semi-frameless showers have metal frames only at the bottom to prevent dripping. Moreover, semi-frameless shower stalls give the classiness of a frameless shower at a lower cost. It is an affordable option for families that want to bathe stylishly, without busting the bank.

Water Stays In: Many people still believe that only a fully framed shower enclosure can prevent water from flooding the bathroom floor. This is a myth. Well-built semi-frameless showers have a tight seal on the metal frame at the bottom of the glass door, which does not allow the water to leak out to floor of the bathroom.

Multiple Door Maneuvers: The hinges that fasten the glass door to the walls of the enclosure are crucial. A specially designed semi-frameless shower provides the flexibility to configure the doors in the way you like best. They can open on the inside or outside. They can pivot around on the hinges, or they can slide on the channel if space is at a premium.

Chic Metal Hinges: The finishing on these hinges can also be customized to match the style of a semi-frameless shower stall and the overall bathroom ambiance. Some companies offer plastic hinges, which may seem more affordable, though they do not have the desired durability of metal hinges. Glass N Pane does not advise the use of plastic hinges.

Glass Elegance: High quality, safety glass gives you more options in custom-designing your semi-frameless shower enclosure or choosing from Glass N Pane’s feature-rich catalog. The glass can be tinted or it can be etched with any design of your choice. It can also be of frosted glass. We will help you in choosing the style and design which best suits your bathroom layout and décor. We also have numerous frame and tint options, which will give your family a delightfully efficient and aesthetic showering experience.

Cleaner-Friendly: Semi-frameless showers are also easier to clean as there are no additional metal frames on the door, in which the water or soap scum can seep into. Moreover, safety glass doors will require only single channel frames at the bottom, which means less elbow grease when it comes to cleaning, and no special cleaning products to help remove accumulated dirt and stains. Double channels trap more dirt, water and soap suds.

If you are renovating your bathroom, or want to install a new shower enclosure, check out the design possibilities that await with semi-frameless showers, and the sophisticated look it will give your bathroom.