Frameless Showers, Semi-Frameless Showers and shower doors in Frisco, TX

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Why Frameless Shower Doors?

Shower doors in Frisco can come in two varieties: framed or frameless. Traditional shower doors are usually framed and come with an aluminum frame on all sides of the panel. Frameless doors, as their name suggests, do not have this aluminum framing. Instead, the door hinges are installed directly onto the glass. Recently, frameless shower door trend has become very popular.

Believe it or not, frames around a shower door can make a room feel smaller. Frameless shower doors give the room a more “open” and clean feel. The other option would be a semi frameless shower

Semi-Frameless Showers?

With so many styles available today, these options are affordable enclosures that make a significant design impact. The main difference between semi frameless and framed glass unit is the door. Both shower enclosures have a framed perimeter, but a semi-frameless door has no channel at the top, bottom or on the handle side.

Both are stabilized by a header and are installed with wall jams and a bottom sill. The other option would be a frameless shower

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