Frameless Shower Replacement Options For Small Spaces

Choose frameless shower replacement units for your next bathroom remodeling project. You stand to open up even the smallest, most cramped space by installing a frameless shower.

Frameless shower replacement units look the same as they sound. Your Glass N Pane can help you choose a style and size that can be installed even to replace a sliding shower door unit. The glass you choose can help make a small bathroom instantly look like it has more space. Best of all, you can get the shower doors installed so they open at just the right angle for you.

Corner shower units can then be enhanced by installing the kind of tile you like on the walls or bottom of the shower floor. With the frameless glass enclosure, the beauty of the tile you choose is always visible, adding another dimension to your small bathroom.

A qualified frameless shower replacement contractor can also install the unit quickly while coating the glass with a special product designed to keep soap scum and other debris from building up on the glass. This helps keep cleaning your new frameless shower doors a lot easier, and it helps maintain the investment you make in your bathroom renovation.

Do not worry if your are choosing a frameless unit to replace an existing sliding-glass unit. Glass N Pane has everything on hand to cover up holes so that your new shower unit looks perfect. Most all glass products and enclosures also come with a warranty, so you can be sure you will get trouble-free use out of your shower for years to come.

See what options you have to give your small bathroom an instant upgrade by looking at the available frameless shower door units offered by Glass N Pane.