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Foggy Windows and when it is time to replace them?

Residential Glass ServicesA little bit of condensation may not be too big of a concern. But when that condensation begins to take over valuable viewing space, and is causing a havoc to your interior walls and woodwork, this is when you have a real problem on your hands. It is best to not let things get this bad, where repairs or replacement may prove even more costly. Instead, when you begin noticing consistent moisture building up on your windows, call in to inspect for any damage. Preventative measures are sometime way cheaper than major repairs. For most of us, your home is your greatest investment. No reason to wait till you sell your house to be told to replace the foggy windows. Bottom line, enjoy your investment! So, what are your options for repairing a foggy window? You have three options to consider for when having a foggy window: 1. full window replacement 2. glass pane replacement, or 3. Defogging. #1 is a large investment and maybe needed if you have rotten window frames. #2 If the frames are in good shape and just the seals are broken or blown, then glass pane replacement is a great low cost option. #3. Defogging is a short term band aide fix, not really addressing the issue, just smoothing it over a delaying the real fix. A good contractor will be able to determine the cause of your window fogging, as well as any other possible issues with the window. They can then present you the options for repair or replacement, and help you come up with the best plan of action for restoring your windows back to a beautiful clear window. can assist with your diagnosis and usually affordably clear up any foggy notions or replacing the entire window and frame.