Feeling a draft? It may be time to replace those windows.

You understandably expect your home’s windows to be impermeable and to keep your home’s interior as comfortable as possible. Many people also assume that windows will remain in excellent condition indefinitely as long as they remain intact. The reality is that older windows can result in drafts throughout the home. Even intact windows that appear to be in great condition at first glance may require a replacement. As your leading source of residential glass services in the area, Glass N Pane is ready to inspect your home’s windows and to help you determine if a replacement would be beneficial.

Top Signs Your Home’s Windows Need to Be Replaced
The most obvious sign that your home’s windows are not in excellent condition is if you feel a draft. You may be sitting on your sofa watching TV, and suddenly you feel a significant drop in temperature. You may even be able to see the drapes moving slightly because of window blowing in through the window. There are other signs that your windows may need to be replaced as well. For example, the window glass may be foggy, or you may notice mold growth between double-paned windows. Your energy bills may be higher than normal, or you have noticed significant damage around the seals and frames. Many people who have damaged windows may feel a draft and may notice at least one or two of these additional signs as well. Our team at Glass N Pane can review your home’s windows and let you know if a replacement is a smart or necessary step to take.

What to Look for in Replacement Windows
There are a wide range of window styles to choose from. The most obvious difference is in the cosmetic appearance. With many window styles available, you can easily modernize the interior and exterior of your home through a thoughtful selection. You also need to consider the type of frame on the windows. Vinyl and wood are common materials, and they both offer excellent energy efficiency benefits. You may also pay attention to the number of glass panes, how the windows open and if there is a protective film on the windows.

Your Source for Quality Residential Glass Services
Deciding to replace your home’s windows is not a matter to take lightly. This is a major project that has significant ramifications on your home. However, if you have noticed a draft and have pinpointed the problem to your windows, you may enjoy improved indoor comfort, lower energy bills and even less wear and tear on your HVAC system as a result of a window replacement. We are your trusted source for residential glass services, and we are eager to assist you with all stages of the window replacement process.

If you are ready to learn more about the condition of your home’s windows and to explore some of the many different types of window styles available, contact our team at Glass N Pane today to schedule a consultation.

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