Difference between Glass and Window Replacement

If you’re “window shopping” for a new window and are on the fence between replacing just the glass or the entire window and frame, here are some important points to consider:

Glass-Only Replacement
Glass-only replacement is most often the simpler solution.  The advantages are lower cost, the ability to keep the window in question the same aesthetically as the others in your home, and a fairly quick installation time.  For a window that has been cracked or shattered by an accident, glass-only replacement is a quick and easy fix that’s less expensive.

To summarize the benefits of Glass-Only Replacement:

  • A simple and quick solution.
  • Less expensive.
  • Nothing will change except the glass, so you’ll maintain the same appearance as before.

Whole Window Replacement
Complete window replacement is an excellent solution when looking for a longer-term fix.  One of its greatest benefits is that in addition to adding energy saving glass, you’re also adding energy saving framing.  Most people don’t realize this, but quite a bit of the efficiency that’s realized in a quality window has just as much to do with the framing as it does with the glass.

Poor framing material can result in excessive heat/cold transfer as well as expansion and contraction, which will ultimately lead to leakage and foggy window panes.  If only the glass is replaced, this problem could potentially resurface, since the ultimate cause (the frame) has not been fixed.

A whole replacement should also be considered if there is significant rot or deterioration to the exterior wood components of a window opening.

To summarize the benefits of a Whole Window Replacement:

  • Greater energy savings due to newer, energy efficient glass and framing.
  • A good solution for old windows with rot or deterioration in the wood (frame).
  • Provides a clean, new and fresh appearance.

The Bottom Line
Costs associated with complete window replacement are usually higher than glass-only replacement, yet complete replacement offers an ideal solution if you’re interested in a longer-term fix with greater energy savings and a fresh aesthetic appearance. Contact Glass N Pane today!