Chipped, cracked just plain broken call Glass n Pane!

If your pains are coming from glass problems, we are the folks to fix it. For over 24 years, we at Glass N Pane have offered glass services to both residents and commercial businesses. Whether it’s commercial glass services, or window repair in a house, all our work comes with a huge helping of a “customer first” attitude.


Home Glass Needs


Does your home need new windows? We can replace and install both single and dual pane windows. Don’t worry if you only need some of them replaced. We can match your existing windows too. However, we don’t just limit ourselves to windows.


We do showers, table-tops, mirrors, doors, and more. How about replacing your ordinary patio doors with sleek new glass doors that just invite you and your guests to step outside and breathe in the cool air? Have you thought about a new frameless shower door? This is where the hinges on your shower door are installed directly on the glass, giving the whole room a larger, freer feeling.


If you are looking for some added shading on doors and windows, consider adding solar screens. This mesh fabric was originally created for outdoor furniture and blocks up to 90 percent of the sun’s rays. We can install it on windows, porches, or doors for sun protection and ventilation.


We also worked with interior designers to bring some beautiful glass decor to your home. Adding mirrors, beveled or not, can help a room look larger, and glass table-tops can bring a spot of sophistication to any room.


Commercial Glass Services


For your business in Flower Mound or elsewhere, Glass N Pane can help you out with store fronts, insulated glass, Plexiglass®, and safety glass. The first thing your customers see is the front of your business. If that glass is scuffed, scratched and chipped, you are not putting your best face forward. Let us help you clean things up and get it looking a professional as the business you run.


Perhaps you should consider adding safety glass to your business’s building. Safety glass is specially designed to reduce danger if glass is broken, making things safer for both your employees and customers. This is especially important if you are worried about natural disasters in your area that could impact your building. In addition, safety glass offers noise reduction and better energy efficiency since it is thicker than regular glass.


So, don’t accept chips and cracks in your life. Let us at Glass N Pane help you with repairs or new additions to your house or business. And don’t accept doing business with a company that doesn’t put your needs first.


Call us today or schedule a complimentary consultation online.