Can You See Your Christmas Tree Through Those Foggy Windows?

Christmas is the time that we drive around the neighborhood to admire at all of the beautiful lights on display on other people’s houses. And we notice the Christmas trees framed in other’s living room windows, too. But if your windows are beginning to fog, your beautiful tree with all of the lights, bows, and ornaments might be covered in a haze. This foggy tinge is a sign that the seals on your windows have broken, and in the winter, this means that you’re also losing heat.

What is That Fog?
The fog on the inside of your windows is condensation from moisture seeping through the broken seals on your windows. When moisture from the air gets in, and it can’t be removed.

What Do Broken Seals Mean For My Home?
When the seals on your windows are broken, not only does your Christmas tree not look as beautiful framed in your window, but you’re also losing energy. Heat from the inside of your home has the opportunity to escape, leaving you with drafts around the home and a higher energy bill as your furnace works longer and harder to keep your home at a consistent temperature. If it’s hot outside, the same thing holds true. The cool air in your home is escaping, causing your air conditioner to work harder to keep your house cool. The humidity from outside can also make your house feel damp and uninviting. And don’t forget that foggy windows are aesthetically unappealing.

What Do I Do About Foggy Windows?
If you want your house to be warm and your energy bill to be lower, you need to have a residential glass services company come to your home. When moisture seeps in between the two panes of glass on a window, this usually means that it’s time to replace the window or at least the two panes of glass. Many windows have argon or krypton between the two panes of glass, giving the window extra thermal insulation. When a residential glass services company replaces your windows or the two panes of glass, they’ll also replace the gas between the two panes, giving you the extra thermal protection that will keep your house a consistent temperature throughout.

Foggy glass is a sign that your windows are old. Like everything in a home, they need to be maintained. If you want to keep your house comfortable and your energy bill lower all year round, have a residential glass services company come to your home to replace windows and glass panes. Not only will you love the lower energy bill, but you’ll feel prouder every time you see your Christmas tree displayed brightly in the frame of your window.

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