Benefits of Tempered/Safety Glass

If you’re thinking of replacing the windows in your home or commercial building, you should strongly consider tempered glass, which many also refer to as “safety glass” for good reason.

Tempered glass is a type of glass that has been strengthened through a chemical process. Whether you need a storefront glass installation or a home window repair or replacement, there are many benefits of tempered glass including:

  • Tempered/Safety Glass Greater safety.  Perhaps the greatest advantage of tempered glass is the safety factor it offers.  When tempered glass is broken, the glass pieces will break up into small chunks instead of large, sharp pieces.  These small pieces are less likely to cut or cause injuries, which is why tempered glass is the choice for so many in commercial buildings, stores, homes – and even vehicle windows.
  • Greater resistance.  Tempered glass also has greater resistance to impact, providing increased protection against potential vandalism, adverse weather conditions and flying debris.
  • Greater efficiency.  Tempered glass is designed to resist high temperatures – in many cases as high has 300 degrees Fahrenheit!  With superior heat-resistance, your home or workplace is less likely to experience high temperatures, resulting in less air conditioning use, lower bills, and a more energy-efficient space for everyone to enjoy.
  • Versatility.  Not only is tempered glass used in windows, but it also offers creative and safe solutions for other projects.  For example, an increasing number of homeowners with swimming pools are choosing to install glass pool fences to keep their families safe without obstructing their view.

A final benefit of tempered glass is that even though it’s treated to provide greater strength, the chemical process does not affect the transparency or look of the glass in any way.  You can see clearly through it – and you can even have it designed, stained, or patterned however you choose.

For a great glass solution in your business, store or home, tempered glass is always a safe bet – in more ways than one! Contact Glass N Pane to find out more about Safety Glass.

The Practical Benefits of Frameless Bath Enclosures

 Frameless showerMore and more homeowners today are looking to transform their bathrooms into luxurious and relaxing retreats with the look and amenities of an upscale spa.  A frameless glass shower door – a shower door made completely of glass — is the perfect way to upgrade and enhance the appearance of a bath while offering many practical benefits including:

  • Durability:  Because thicker glass and heavy-duty hardware are used to support the glass panels, frameless bath enclosures are much stronger and sturdier than glass enclosures with metal framing.
  • Low maintenance:  In a frameless shower door, the glass makes direct contact with your tile, eliminating corrosion that builds up on the metal track of a door with a frame.  To clean the glass, many use a simple squeegee or glass cleaner once a week.  There are also factory sealants that can be applied to the glass that replicate a Teflon finish where the water drops roll off the glass.  Your glass professional can provide more information on sealants when you consult with them.
  • Less mess:  The seal-in technology of frameless glass doors keeps the water from spilling out to the bathroom area.
  • Safe:  Frameless glass edges are filed down to a smooth surface that presents no danger to anyone climbing in or out of your shower.  And since glass showers are made of tempered glass, they are also very difficult doors to shatter or break.
  • Versatile:  Frameless doors can be designed to fit any space, making them ideal for any size bathroom – large and small.
  • Creative flexibility:  A frameless shower door allows for much more creative flexibility when matching your plumbing fixtures, choosing a specific height, or coordinating a particular style to your bathroom remodel.
  • A long term solution:  Frameless enclosures are a great way to let your home age with you, because the entry can be leveled with the floor to create easy access as we become older and less mobile.  They meld timeless style with ageless accommodation!
  • A better ROI:  Being that a frameless system is much more desirable to new homebuyers, you’ll receive a better return on your investment when it comes time to sell.

The aesthetic advantages and visual appeal of frameless glass enclosures are abundant – including the openness, fluidity and flow they provide to your bathroom.  Combined with the practical and functional benefits they offer, there’s every reason to consider a frameless glass enclosure for your bathroom! Take a look at our frameless glass enclosures.

Residential Glass Replacement What to do when your window breaks

What to do when your window breaks When a window in your home cracks or breaks – whether from an errant throw or hit by a neighborhood kid’s baseball – or being struck by a tree branch or other storm debris – you’ll need to get it repaired quickly.  Your first step will be to immediately call a Glass N Pane for repair, but it’s important to know what to do if it’s after hours or the repairman can’t get to your house right away.

Following are some helpful tips on how to do your own “emergency” repair as a temporary fix to keep the elements out of your home – in addition to maintaining security and a comfortable temperature.

  • For a window crack, your main objective is to keep the cold air and rain out until the pane can be replaced.  Using duct tape or clear heavy packing tape, apply it on top of the crack on both the inside and outside of the window.  Be careful not to push too hard or you may end up making the crack worse or breaking the pane out of the window completely.
  • If the window is shattered or has a gaping hole, you’ll need to remove all of the remaining glass pieces from the window.  If the pane is very large, you may need to first remove the window frame and place it on a flat surface before removing the broken glass pieces.  But for most window sizes, you should be able to accomplish the task with the window frame in place.

Be sure to wear heavy gloves and protective eye wear.  Lay down a tarp to protect the area around the window as well as to collect any pieces of glass.  You can remove the broken shards piece-by-piece, which is often easy to do.  Or you could cover the broken window pane completely with masking tape, and then gently tap the glass with a hammer handle to loosen it.

Now you need to cover the open area until the glass can be replaced.  You can cover the area with thick plastic or a section of heavy duty trash bag, stapled or taped over the opening.  If the window is double pane  but only one pane was broken, this will give you some additional protection.  In cold weather, you can create a bit of a thermal barrier by adding bubble wrap or hanging a heavy quilt over the entire window.

These do-it-yourself procedures should give you some peace-of-mind and comfort until Glass N Pane arrives!


HAIL DAMAGEHas a bad hail storm wreaked havoc on the glass in your home windows or doors?  If so, Glass N Pane can repair the damage so your windows and doors are restored back to their original condition – with added protection from future storms!

Not only can shattered glass damage your home, but it’s also a serious threat to the safety of you and your family.  Impact-resistant glass is a smart choice if you do live in an area that is prone to hail storms.  Although impact-resistant glass is not entirely impervious to breakage from large hailstones, it can still withstand impact better than ordinary non-impact resistant glass.

Impact-resistant glass typically consists of two layers of glass.   Even after sustaining a direct hit from a large hailstone, the glass may crack, but will not expose your home to wind, water and hail.  On the other hand, standard glass windows may likely break into large, sharp shards upon impact.

Impact-resistant glass protects your home as soon as it’s installed, providing you with immediate peace-of-mind.  It also provides protection from UV light that causes damage to your personal property including fabrics, photos and flooring.

Upgrading to impact-resistant glass may be slightly more expensive than standard glass, but it’s well worth the investment for the many benefits it provides.

Whether you’re looking to repair and restore your glass windows or doors damaged by a recent hail storm – or you’re seeking reinforcement for future storms – you should strongly consider contacting Glass N Pane to explore the many available options for the protection of your home and family!

Glass Patio Doors

Glass Patio DoorsMany homes today feature glass patio doors – and for good reason.  Glass patio doors are a wonderful complement to the look of your home and offer both function and style. If you’re thinking of installing or replacing a patio door in your home, consider the many benefits of a glass patio door including:

  • Let the sun shine in!   Glass patio doors let the rich and natural sunlight pour into your home and bathe the interior.  Sunlight elevates the atmosphere of your house and gives everything a natural luster.  There’s no quicker or easier way to lighten and brighten your entire interior than to let in more sunlight through patio doors!
  • Save on energy.  Sunlight isn’t just beautiful – it’s also a natural way to go green!  When the sun is streaming into your home, you can avoid turning on lights and also rely on the natural source of heat.
  • Enhance your view.  Whether watching a beautiful sunrise or sunset – or simply admiring your landscaping – a glass patio door allows you to gaze outside and enjoy the view.  If you want to appreciate the scenery while maintaining a convenient point of entry and exit, glass patio doors are the perfect solution.
  • Increase your home’s value.  Most home buyers today want glass patio doors, so it’s an added selling point to your home.  But don’t wait until you put your home on the market.  Install it now and enjoy it for years to come!
  • Create more interior space.  Most doors swing inward and require clearance.  In cramped spaces, this can make it difficult to properly position furniture and accessories.  Glass patio doors slide left and right without cutting into space, making it much easier to position items around them.  As you decorate and redecorate your home over the years, you’ll appreciate the convenience and flexibility that glass patio doors offer.

With so many sizes and styles to choose from for any budget, glass patio doors provide an attractive, cost-efficient and bright addition to any home! Contact Us today!

Thinking About a Frameless Shower

If you’re thinking about remodeling and updating your bathroom to make it more open, airy, and aesthetically pleasing, a frameless glass shower should be strongly considered in your plans.  Some of the benefits of frameless showers include:


  • shower door _6Visually appealing: As opposed to traditional showers that create closed and defined spaces, frameless systems create an open, seamless and contemporary design that enhances the look and feel of your entire bathroom. Even smaller bathrooms look larger with a frameless shower!
  • Durability: Frameless showers are much more durable than traditional showers.  The glass, which is typically about half an inch thick, makes them sturdy, structurally sound and safe.
  • Better function and less maintenance: Since there is little to no metal in the construction of frameless doors, you needn’t worry about replacing corroded parts.  In addition, there’s less leakage due to their watertight seals – and since they don’t need frames to support their weight or slide on, the doors open and close much easier due to the trackless design.
  • Flexibility and creativity: A frameless glass shower allows for much more creative flexibility when matching your plumbing fixtures or coordinating a particular style in your remodeling plans.
  • Great return on investment: Many homebuyers today see a frameless shower system as an extremely desirable feature when making their purchase decision.
  • A timeless solution: No matter your age — or the age of your home — a frameless shower is an ideal solution.  The entry can easily be leveled with the floor to create easy access if and when you require it.  The frameless shower is the perfect way to blend timeless style with ageless accommodation.


Transform your bathroom into a luxurious, relaxing and low-maintenance retreat with a frameless glass shower from Glass N Pane!

Wardrobe Mirrors

mirrorPopular in the 80’s, Wardrobe Mirrors are back in vogue due to their benefits in both functionality and style!

One of the biggest benefits of a wardrobe mirror is how it can make a room appear larger.

It reflects the natural light, adding brightness and dimension to help the room feel more open, airy and spacious.

Wardrobe Mirrors are also a practical choice.  They save floor space by becoming part of the design vision for the room – and full length mirrors get frequent use.  This is a significant benefit in a home without a dressing room or a large walk-in closet.

While mirrored wardrobes look great in contemporary spaces, they blend equally well with classic, art deco, and even traditional decorating.

If positioned properly, wardrobe mirrors can make rooms look brighter during the daytime, which helps reduce power consumption.  In addition to being energy efficient, the mirror can also turn the gloomy appearance of a dimly lit house into a warm and welcoming environment for guests and residents alike.

Wardrobe mirrors offer a low maintenance and easy-to-clean option to change the appearance of a bedroom and will look great for years to come.   For a new classic in both design and functionality, a Wardrobe Mirror is an ideal solution!

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In-glass pet door?

in-glass pet door in Flower MoundIf you’re a dog or cat owner with a sliding glass or full panel glass patio door and wish you could have a pet door, you’re in luck.  Thanks to recent innovations, replacing the glass with a uniquely designed in-glass pet door is easier and more affordable than ever!

A glass professional can replace your original glass with an in-glass pet door in less than an hour – with no glass cutting or frame replacement required!   In-glass pet doors feature the same high-performance insulating and sealing benefits found in the popular wall and door mounted models.   Your in-glass pet door can be installed on single, dual or triple paned glass – as well as commercial grade.

Custom manufactured conversion kits will complement your existing frame, allowing your glass door to slide and lock normally while letting your furry friend come and go as they please!

Today’s in-glass pet doors provide an energy-efficient seal to prevent any air gaps, as well as security covers for your added peace-of-mind.  Each in-glass pet door is custom made to precisely fit into your window panel and can easily be converted back to the original door when you decide to sell your home.

With an array of in-glass options and frame colors to choose from, you’re sure to get the look you’ll love, while you and your beloved pet get the freedom and convenience you both deserve! Contact us to find out more!

Other services we offer

Before and AfterVanity mirrors are exactly that, to look at yourself. Vanity Mirrors are usually selected for size and look. Depending on your size requirements, they come in many styles. If you have a small space, then a bigger vanity mirror will make the space seem larger and reflect more light. If you have a smaller, more traditional vanity, you may prefer the look of a decorative option to compliment the sink or other pieces. When is comes to selecting a vanity mirror, GlassNPane can customize a piece of Glass to  compliment your bathroom.

Solar screens are made of special window screen mesh, some made of a polyester weave and sometimes made with the added durability of PVC coating. They are typically installed on the outside of windows, with a black out look.. Some Solar screens can add to the appearance of a home as well as increase the perception of value. Solar Screens may be the most cost effective and energy efficient route to cut down on the sun’s expensive radiant heat (aging UV rays) that adds to the build-up in your home.

A Bug screen is basically a window screen designed to cover the opening of a window. Although they can be made with various material, it is usually a mesh made of metal wire, fiberglass, or other synthetic fiber and stretched in a frame of metal  or wood.

Window washing….Well, let me know if you disagree, but nothing can look worse than a dirty window. They can mess up a beautiful view, reduce sunlight and give an messy, unkempt appearance to even the nicest of houses.

The only way to solve this dilemma, is to use elbow grease, like Mama taught you and clean the windows. Both sides of the window and might as well clean every window inside and out. There are plenty of service providers to complete this task, if Mama didn’t teach you right!!

Benefits of A Shower Remodel

Frameless Shower Frisco, TXIf your old, worn-out shower is getting you down, it’s time to remodel!  After all, a shower is supposed to relax and rejuvenate.  A sparkling new shower will work wonders for the body, mind, spirit – and your home!

A key benefit of a remodeled shower is the beauty it brings to your entire bathroom! As a focal point of the room, your shower should give you peace-of-mind just by looking at it.  The ideal shower has a dreamlike aesthetic appeal that’s luxurious, sensual and serene.

Thanks to the latest styles, designs and surfaces, a shower remodel will also provide you with lower-maintenance durability for years to come.  Today’s high-quality, non-porous materials reduce mold and mildew – and won’t chip, stain or fade, even after years of use.

A remodeled shower with state-of-the-art fixtures will offer you more options for comfort and relaxation in addition to saving you money due to cost-saving, energy-efficient features. Replacing an old shower head with a new model will reduce water usage – and provide responsible conservation.

Like any home renovation, a remodeled shower will increase the value of your home.  As a showpiece of your bathroom, everyone will view a stylish shower as an added bonus.

Since the benefits of a remodeled shower are endless, what better way to enjoy them than by creating a tranquil new retreat in your home today?