Is it Time to Replace Your Windows?

No one fondly anticipates replacing his/her windows. Usually, the only time that we worry with doing it is when our current windows are not doing what they should anymore. There are ways to fix issues without buying new windows. By examining your windows, you can verify whether you need replace them.


The first sign that your windows need replacing is if they are damaged. This can include being warped, broken, or otherwise nonfunctional. If the window’s problem is not major, such as needing weather-stripping or hardware, repairing the problem might be the best option. Replacing a warped or broken frame is preferred over trying to repair it. If the windows fog, or stick when you attempt to open or shut them, replacement is best. You may want to check with window replacement companies in Lewisville TX to get an expert opinion.


A second sign that your windows need replacing is if the caulk around the outside of the window frame is cracked or deteriorating. The caulk should be in good shape around the whole perimeter of your window. This component of your window seal will be the fastest to deteriorate. Caulking is an easy fix that many homeowners can do.


A third sign that your windows need replacing is that the window no longer operates properly. This includes the latches, handles, and cranks. You should not strain to open/close a window. You may want to check with window replacement companies in Lewisville TX to get an expert opinion. Keep in mind that seasonal temperature changes can cause a window to be difficult to open/close. Make sure the windows are difficult to open/close during different seasons and weather.


A fourth sign that your windows should be replaced is whether you can see through the glass. This may show more than an aesthetic issue. Whatever the outcome will be, you need to address this issue as soon as possible. You may want to check with window replacement companies in Lewisville TX to get an expert opinion. Condensation inside the window might mean the windows are not airtight anymore. This means the window is not as energy efficient as it could be.


A fifth sign that your windows should be replaced is if you just want to save on energy. Replacing older windows with newer energy efficient ones will reduce your heating and cooling bills. If you are thinking of selling your home, the new windows along with the energy cost savings could be a big advantage.


New windows are not just pretty. They can save one money over the long haul. Whether you are thinking of selling your home or you just want to make your home more efficient/pleasant, windows can communicate with you if you know what to fix.

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Chipped, cracked just plain broken call Glass n Pane!

If your pains are coming from glass problems, we are the folks to fix it. For over 24 years, we at Glass N Pane have offered glass services to both residents and commercial businesses. Whether it’s commercial glass services, or window repair in a house, all our work comes with a huge helping of a “customer first” attitude.


Home Glass Needs


Does your home need new windows? We can replace and install both single and dual pane windows. Don’t worry if you only need some of them replaced. We can match your existing windows too. However, we don’t just limit ourselves to windows.


We do showers, table-tops, mirrors, doors, and more. How about replacing your ordinary patio doors with sleek new glass doors that just invite you and your guests to step outside and breathe in the cool air? Have you thought about a new frameless shower door? This is where the hinges on your shower door are installed directly on the glass, giving the whole room a larger, freer feeling.


If you are looking for some added shading on doors and windows, consider adding solar screens. This mesh fabric was originally created for outdoor furniture and blocks up to 90 percent of the sun’s rays. We can install it on windows, porches, or doors for sun protection and ventilation.


We also worked with interior designers to bring some beautiful glass decor to your home. Adding mirrors, beveled or not, can help a room look larger, and glass table-tops can bring a spot of sophistication to any room.


Commercial Glass Services


For your business in Flower Mound or elsewhere, Glass N Pane can help you out with store fronts, insulated glass, Plexiglass®, and safety glass. The first thing your customers see is the front of your business. If that glass is scuffed, scratched and chipped, you are not putting your best face forward. Let us help you clean things up and get it looking a professional as the business you run.


Perhaps you should consider adding safety glass to your business’s building. Safety glass is specially designed to reduce danger if glass is broken, making things safer for both your employees and customers. This is especially important if you are worried about natural disasters in your area that could impact your building. In addition, safety glass offers noise reduction and better energy efficiency since it is thicker than regular glass.


So, don’t accept chips and cracks in your life. Let us at Glass N Pane help you with repairs or new additions to your house or business. And don’t accept doing business with a company that doesn’t put your needs first.


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It’s time to upgrade your shower to a Frameless Shower

Frameless shower doors open the visual space of your bathroom, show off your tile work to great effect and make your space look much larger. In addition, a quality frameless shower can be opened either direction and can be easily customized if you decide to put in a spa bathroom or need a roll-in shower feature.



Visual Expansion


Tracked shower doors are tethered at the top by an aluminum track and at the bottom by the lip of the shower or tub enclosure. Tall people have to duck to get under that frame as it usually tops out at about 6 feet and there’s a large opening at the top where water can splash out.



Flexible and Easy to Customize


For those who are thinking long term, it’s important to note that frameless showers can be built to your specifications and offer users the chance to design a door that will open either direction. Your shower can also be customized with a low lip or no lip design at the edge of the base so you can plan for a roll in shower.


If you’re going to rehab your shower, now is a great time to plan ahead. Set up the space with towel warmers just because you deserve the luxury! However, now’s also a good time to add grab bars and a bench if you or a loved one should need it in the future. If possible, consider checking out opening up the access to the bathroom and adding pocket doors to the space.



Make Cleaning A Breeze


Because your frameless shower door will be so open and have so little hardware to work around, you can easily clean the shower doors with a simple combination of things you probably had in the cupboard. There are even several homemade recipes of cleaners to handle hard water spots and soap scum. Spray, rinse and you’re done!





The glass used in our frameless shower custom installations is tempered and extremely durable. Tempered glass is heated in the manufacturing process. If it should break, it doesn’t shatter but crumbles into small chunks. It should be noted that tempered glass can still cause injuries, but is much less likely to cause deep or jagged cuts.



Final Thoughts


The addition of a custom frameless shower enclosure to your bathroom offers the chance to make a space that usually feels small into something elegant and spacious. Upgrade your space today!

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Why Would My Business Need Safety Glass?

If you run a business, then you have probably have a number of glass windows and other glass elements on your property. One of the best ways to improve the safety and comfort of your business is by installing safety glass. In fact, many companies today are realizing the many cost benefits of installing safety glass in their buildings. Here are five proven reasons to consider commercial glass services for your business.

1). Damage Protection
Accidents happen on the job and flying glass can cause serious eye injury to employees that can lead to significant insurance and other problems down the road. Safety glass is designed to absorb the impact that other types of glass cannot withstand. Install safety glass in areas where equipment and inventory are stored and moved to ensure the better safety of your employees.

2). Decreased Noise Pollution
With safety glass, you can better insulate your business from outside noise. You can also better insulate your office space from the noise coming from your warehouse. Decreased noise can make it easier for your staff to communicate with each other. Also, safety glass can make it easier for you to communicate on client and customer calls.

3). Reduces Your Business’s Energy Bill
Safety glass is thicker and can allow less of the sun’s heat from entering your business. This can result in significant cost savings on your energy bill. In fact, it is safe to say that your safety glass will eventually pay for itself due to the savings alone on your energy bill.

4). Protection from Natural Disasters
If you live in an area vulnerable to hurricanes, floods, blizzards, tornados or thunderstorms, then it is a smart idea to have safety glass installed on the exterior of your building. Natural disasters can cause catastrophic destruction in your business. With the right safety glass, you can protect your inventory and your equipment from complete destruction. This will help you get your business back up and running after the disaster.

5). More Design Choice
Safety glass is available in a number of styles and colors that can match the design elements of your business. This will allow your business to have a more attractive appearance and make your company look more professional and appealing to prospective customers and clients.

Safety glass can not only protect your business, but it can also save you money and enhance the look of your commercial property. If your business is located in the Flower Mound area, then learn more about the many advantages of safety glass today. It may be one of the smartest investments your business can make this year.

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Its heating up outside is that heat getting inside?

Keep the Heat out of your House this Summer
We all know suffering through the heat of a Texas (TX) summer can be miserable. We rush from our car to the store, movie theatre or back home to get into that cool, refreshing air conditioning. Yet many of us are also needlessly sweating in our own homes due to old and inefficient windows which are letting the hot sun penetrate our dwellings. Even worse, we are spending too much of our hard earned money on energy bills as our air conditioning unit never gets a break. Now is the time to take action!

Luckily, you have the experts at Glass N Pane right here in Lewisville to keep you cool and calm this summer, and for many years to come. There is no better place for Glass Replacement Plano as we are a family owned business with over 20 years of experience and a long history understanding Texas heat and glass needs. We can do it all from start to finish, replacing and installing your windows in a timely fashion and within budget. We’ll keep you informed throughout the process and are always here if you have questions or concerns. We have built our reputation on providing exceptional customer service, delivering each and every job with a personal touch and dedication to excellence.

Upgrading your windows can lessen the amount of heat (and cold) that enters your home by 25%, corresponding to an average energy savings of around 20%. Since most older windows are single pane, more modern multipane windows come with an insulating layer of gas in between. Window frames are also much improved, meaning less air gets in around the edges. It’s important you choose the right material for your new windows to make your home the most energy efficient. Today’s technology points to vinyl being the way to go with your replacement windows. Since vinyl does not fade or get brittle, it will be much superior to the older aluminum or wood you may now have in your home.

Once you replace your windows, you’ll be amazed how more comfortable you will be in your home (and your wallet), even during the brutal TX summer. Deciding to replace your outdated windows is one of the smartest decisions you can make. Not only will it pay off immediately, but it will also increase the value of your home over the long run as you’ll have prospective buyers salivating over the energy savings. Also, remember new windows are easier to clean and make your house look nicer!

Don’t waste another minute and dollar. Replace your old leaky windows with the best Glass Replacement Plano has to offer.

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What is a Frameless Shower?

Frameless shower doors have become extremely popular in the last several years, and are pretty much standard in high-end new homes and remodel projects. But what are they? Frameless is precisely what it sounds like – glass without any sort of metal frame around the edges.

If the look of a frameless door has grabbed your attention, there are some things you may need to consider before making that choice. Both framed and frameless options have positive and negative features. Here are a few to consider:

Framed shower doors are made from thinner, weaker glass, and require a metal frame around the outer perimeter to strengthen the enclosure. The frame is generally made from aluminum which is powder coated in any number of stylish finishes. Frameless shower doors are made of thicker, still tempered, glass that is sealed on all edges with thick silicone caulk. The hardware on frameless doors is set into the glass, rather than the metal frame like on framed doors, and is sealed with silicone caulk to prevent leaking.

The glass on both framed and frameless doors can be clear, frosted, textured, or tinted. The most significant difference, aside from the cosmetic appearance of having or not having a metal frame, is the enclosure. The most common framed shower doors are sliding doors enclosing a standard bathtub. It is not possible to have a frameless sliding door, so if you have a standard bathtub and no space for a hinged door to open and close, frameless will not be an option. Large and custom enclosures are ideal for frameless glass, but smaller, standard size doors can be frameless as well as long as there is sufficient space. Frameless doors are generally considered more upscale and modern, while framed doors are viewed as heavier and more traditional in appearance.

It can be tricky to compare costs for shower doors due to the many different factors that contribute to the price. Size, height, glass type, and whether or not the door is in stock or has to be custom made can all affect the cost. A custom door will always cost more for both materials and installation. Prices for frameless doors have come down slightly as they become more and more popular and larger quantities are produced, but they are still considered an upgrade and priced accordingly.

The most common framed shower door is the sliding door. A sliding door requires both a top and bottom track for the door to slide in, and thus lots of potential for mold, mildew, and gunk to build up. Cleaning these tracks is ongoing and often challenging. Frameless shower doors are less likely to suffer from these problems because they do not collect water. The glass on frameless doors is also more likely to have been treated to prevent water spots, making easy cleaning the reason many customers choose frameless.

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We Are in the Middle of Storm Season: Call Glass N Pane if You Need Help!

During this season of the year, vicious storm systems sometimes descend upon Northeast Texas. Gusting winds and pounding rain exact a heavy toll on homes and businesses in this part of the Lone Star State. Cracked, broken, or loose windows pose a safety hazard. Storm damage also detracts from the beauty of real estate.

If you sustain property damage during stormy weather, simply contact Glass N Pane. We offer timely “Glass N Pane replacement Plano” (pun intended!). Call us at 972-436-2441 for skilled assistance. Or simply visit our showroom at 424 E. Main Street, Suite #104, in Lewisville, TX 75057 to explore window glass replacement options.

We Offer Comprehensive Residential Glass Services

As a local firm, we provide a number of useful services to aid homeowners seeking replacement glass. For example, we routinely supply lovely glass for tabletops and shelving. We also furnish shower and tub enclosures, and sell trendy beveled mirrors.

If your home sustains storm damage, you’ll appreciate our window services. We carry replacement glass for both single and double pane windows. Customers rely on us for expert window installation and replacement services. In fact, we even offer vinyl window rollers! Ask us to retrofit these products to meet your unique residential requirements.

Glass N’ Pane Serves Businesses, Too!

Of course, our company also serves the needs of local companies and institutions in this region. If a hailstorm damages your storefront windows, don’t waste time searching through telephone directories for nearby “Glass n pane replacement Plano”! Instead, contact us for immediate, friendly assistance. We offer a full range of commercial glass services.

For example, did you know we offer contract glazing services at very competitive prices? We carry a variety of different types of commercial glass, including safety glass and tough, durable Plexiglass®. We’ll work closely with you to repair any storm damage to your storefront or business entrances. The local business community appreciates our rapid service whenever a storm-related emergency produces unexpected glass or window damage.

Obtain Experienced Local Assistance

Our firm possesses familiarity with the entire Lewisville, TX area and outlying Dallas-Fort Worth suburbs. If you need knowledgeable glass replacement services for your home or business, simply let us know. We’ll help you restore and replace glass windows, doors, and mirrors after a severe weather system passes through this area. Our local firm supplies fast, courteous, comprehensive assistance.

Do you need any glass replacement services? Go ahead and call Glass N Pane now at 972-436-2441. We want to become your preferred resource whenever you need this type of assistance. We value your business!


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Summer’s Coming, and Now is the Time to Invest in a Semi-Frameless or Frameless Shower

Summer is right around the corner, and to get the most out of the season, you’d be wise to plan ahead. Get your yard in order, make sure your grill is working, stock-up on cool drinks and tasty foods, and get in touch with family members and friends.


But what you may not know is that there’re a few other ways to plan ahead for summer—ways that don’t receive as much attention, but that will provide you, your family, and your home with a plethora of outstanding benefits.


Arranging for a brand new, custom-built and installed, frameless or semi-frameless shower is one of these ways.


By allowing us, the professionals at Glass N Pane, to replace your existing shower with a new frameless or semi-frameless model, you’re unlocking a multitude of conveniences and perks. Showering will be easier, quicker, and more pleasant, and as a result, you and your family members will be more quickly able to get back to having summer fun.


Summer is the time to have a new shower installed, and we’re proud to say that we’re the best team for the job.


And if you’re on the fence for any reason at all, read on to find out why now is the time to invest in a new shower!


Our Showers Are Modern and Aesthetically Pleasing


Our showers look and feel phenomenal. They can set the mood in your bathroom, please onlookers, and help to assure that your showering experiences are positive and straightforward.


Think about it like this: You’ve upgraded countless other home appliances and features over the years. Why shouldn’t you take your shower to the next level?


Our Showers Are Affordable


Unlike competing shower-door companies, our glass—beautiful, durable, and breathtaking as it is—can be purchased for affordable prices.


We believe that business is a two-way street, and besides providing you with state-of-the-art products, we’re proud to charge affordable prices for these items (and installation costs). Fair pricing makes clear that we’re committed to offering exemplary client experiences.


Our Team is Caring and Attentive


Additionally, we pride ourselves on being caring, attentive, and dedicated to helping you make the best purchasing decision for your unique situation. Whether you have a few questions or are ready to place an order as soon as possible, don’t hesitate to give a Glass N Pane team member a call.


You’ll find that our sole focus is pleasing you, the customer.


Summer is Quickly Approaching


As was stated—and as you undoubtedly know—summer is quickly approaching. Right now, you have the opportunity to start the season off on the right foot; by consulting Glass N Pane, you’re investing in convenience, aesthetic quality, and efficiency.


You owe it to yourself—and your family members—to embrace summer with open arms, and frameless and semi-frameless showers offer a tremendous way to do so.


There’s never been a better time than today to consult Glass N Pane. Our experienced team is standing by to get the ball rolling on your job—and, in turn, to help you get the most out of your summer.


If you live around North Texas, take a step towards having the shower of your dreams tomorrow by calling us today.

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The heat is coming are your windows ready?

As we move closer to the Summer months we understand you will be looking for ways to lower your energy costs at a time of year when your HVAC system will be working overtime. Here at Glass N Pane, we believe you should have all the facts on hand to make sure you can make the right decision about window and glass replacement in and around Lewisville, Texas. You may have heard about energy efficient windows and want to know more about why these are the best option for you.

The cost of energy efficient windows

Let’s get the difficult news out of the way first, energy efficient windows do cost around 15 percent more than cheaper options. However, over the life of your energy efficient windows, you will generally see more than a 15 percent savings over the next few years due to lower costs for your utility bills. We believe you should have all the facts about your window options and have the ability to make a decision based on the fact your windows should give you the chance to save money in the hot Summer months.

Effective throughout the year

When we at Glass N Pane spend our time helping you with your window and glass replacement needs, we believe you should understand the latest energy efficient windows can lower your bills throughout the year. The latest glass technology allows you to remove hot spots in your rooms during the Summer months. In warmer periods of the year, you will find your windows reflect a large amount of radiant heat from the Sun and keep the cooled air of your home trapped within.

Solar rays struggle to enter your home

One of the main issues our customers like you tell us about is that of personal possessions fading over time because of the damaging effects of solar rays. The latest glass technology allows people around the world to enjoy an extra level of protection for their possessions which have been affected by fading and sun damage in the past. Choosing to replace your glass with energy efficient options sees the inclusion of a film covering the exterior of the window reflecting around 98 percent of the rays of the Sun.

A healthier, safer environment

The environment is weighing heavily on the minds of most of the population and we like to think we are doing our bit to protect the planet for future generations. The people of Texas understand the need to install energy efficient products with glass replacement high on the list of all homeowners. By reducing your energy usage through lower levels of heating and cooling you will be reducing your carbon footprint in a major way. Installing energy efficient windows can also lead to a lowered chance of mold spores invading your home because of a reduced amount of condensation which often leads to health issues for your family.

At Glass N Pane we like to put the customer first and find the window replacement options you can trust in Lewisville, Texas.

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Its hail season, if you need help call Glass n Pane.

Assistance With Hail Damage in Lewisville, Texas

Hail and Effects on Glass

Hail is an environmental factor that can often wreak havoc onto structures. It can be particularly detrimental to glass as well. Hail is capable of doing a number on windows. How can it harm your windows? It can do so by ruining its glass. Take the time to meticulously assess the state of your window glass after a hailstorm. Has it been smashed into what seems like countless tiny pieces? If it has, then there’s a big chance that hail is the culprit. Note, too, that hail can also lead to tiny splits all over window glass.

Glass damage can make your windows totally pointless. How helpful is a window that isn’t able to safeguard your living space from drafts and inclement weather factors in general? The truthful response is that it isn’t helpful at all. Thankfully, there’s a simple solution on hand for people who have window glass destruction on their plates. That solution is to call the staff at Glass N Pane on East Main Street in Lewisville, Texas. We’re a full-service business that concentrates on all things glass-related. If you’re searching for professional glass replacement service, then our team members can manage all of your wishes. Glass N Pane is associated with both home and business glass services.

The Positives of Working With the Glass N Pane Team

Glass N Pane is a company that’s been tackling glass requirements for approximately a quarter of a century now. We assist interior design firms, renovation businesses, construction workers and even homeowners. We’re a family-run business that has a tradition of excellence. Customer service is always our number one priority and that’s never going to change. Our customers associate us with first-rate professional assistance. They know that nothing in the world matters more to us than giving them the results they need and deserve.

Dependability is the name of the game here at Glass N Pane. Our glass replacement service is consistently thorough, detail-oriented and meticulous. If you want to replace your glass windows at home in a safe and exhaustive manner, then nothing can even compete with our savvy.

Our replacement service is appropriate for dual and single pane windows alike. If you want to discover our replacement abilities, we’re looking forward to hearing from you. We replace glass that has been negatively affected by hail and a host of other environmental components. We replace glass that has been negatively affected by all sorts of things in general. There aren’t any limits.

Our replacement work is also consistently budget-friendly. If you’re looking for glass replacement service that won’t cost you an arm and a leg, we can accommodate all your wishes.

Don’t let a little bit of hail put a damper on your spirits for a second. Don’t let hail and glass destruction ruin the coziness and security of your precious residential space, either. Call us at Glass N Pane without any hesitation to reserve an appointment for our thoughtful and in-depth glass work.

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