Benefits of Tempered/Safety Glass

If you’re thinking of replacing the windows in your home or commercial building, you should strongly consider tempered glass, which many also refer to as “safety glass” for good reason.

Tempered glass is a type of glass that has been strengthened through a chemical process. Whether you need a storefront glass installation or a home window repair or replacement, there are many benefits of tempered glass including:

  • Tempered/Safety Glass Greater safety.  Perhaps the greatest advantage of tempered glass is the safety factor it offers.  When tempered glass is broken, the glass pieces will break up into small chunks instead of large, sharp pieces.  These small pieces are less likely to cut or cause injuries, which is why tempered glass is the choice for so many in commercial buildings, stores, homes – and even vehicle windows.
  • Greater resistance.  Tempered glass also has greater resistance to impact, providing increased protection against potential vandalism, adverse weather conditions and flying debris.
  • Greater efficiency.  Tempered glass is designed to resist high temperatures – in many cases as high has 300 degrees Fahrenheit!  With superior heat-resistance, your home or workplace is less likely to experience high temperatures, resulting in less air conditioning use, lower bills, and a more energy-efficient space for everyone to enjoy.
  • Versatility.  Not only is tempered glass used in windows, but it also offers creative and safe solutions for other projects.  For example, an increasing number of homeowners with swimming pools are choosing to install glass pool fences to keep their families safe without obstructing their view.

A final benefit of tempered glass is that even though it’s treated to provide greater strength, the chemical process does not affect the transparency or look of the glass in any way.  You can see clearly through it – and you can even have it designed, stained, or patterned however you choose.

For a great glass solution in your business, store or home, tempered glass is always a safe bet – in more ways than one! Contact Glass N Pane to find out more about Safety Glass.