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Are Your Windows Fogging Up?

Are you noticing that your windows are collecting moisture are constantly fogging up? Window condensation may not necessarily be your windows but could be an indicator of something else. It might be that you may need to reduce humidity in your home to avoid expensive issues down the road.


Are Windows the Cause of Condensation?

The first-place condensation can be noticed are windows however, windows do not cause condensation. After a hot shower, it is not surprising to see your mirrors or windows fogged in your bathroom. Windows fog when there are several riders in your vehicle during the winter or humid weather. Foggy windows can occur when the air conditioning is running during humid months or cold winter weather. The condensation is not caused by the windows or mirrors, but condensation will be seen on them first.


Causes of Window Condensation

When humid warm air contacts a cold surface condensation will form. We are surrounded by moisture and air that is warmer typically holds more moisture. Moisture condenses when the air cools causing it to contract. Then you will notice window condensation because the coldest surfaces indoors are the windows. Indoor air holds more moisture than dry, colder outdoor air and is much warmer during winter months. Moisture condenses when humid indoor air begins to cool causing it to contract leaving moisture on the windows surface.


What Causes Humidity Indoor Air?

Everyday living is the most common reason for indoor humidity. Up to 4 gallons or more daily of moisture can accumulate in your home from cleaning, breathing, showers, cooking, bath, washing dishes, and doing laundry. In today’s world, cooling and heating costs remain low because of properly insulated energy-efficient homes. Things that are keeping moisture from venting outdoors are the same things that keep air from entering indoors.


Indoor Humidity or Bad Seals? Condensation on Double Glazed Windows?

It is recommended that you run a simple test before calling a repair service. When condensation is forming, you should run your fingers through the area to check for wetness and trails through the condensation. If trails are left, it is on your side of the glass which means that excess indoor humidity is causing condensation to form. If your older windows didn’t have condensation, then it possibly had cracks that allowed excess moisture to escape outdoors. Your newer windows won’t allow indoor humidity to escape because they are better insulated. Windows cannot eliminate nor cause condensation, but they do alert you of excess humidity in your home. Excess humidity can cause mold and mildew in parts of your windows and types of insulation which causes deterioration. When this happens, you should consider contacting a window replacement company.


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