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The weather is changing, are your windows ready for it?

Fall and winter may be seasons that you welcome after a hot summer has been dragging on for a while. However, if you are a homeowner, builder, re-modeler, or interior designer, surely what you are NOT looking forward to are nuisances such as chilly drafts that creep in despite the heating system’s valiant efforts, frosty windows that block the outside view, risk of high energy cost, and all other pesky cold-weather threats. This is an unfortunate reality, even in the Grapevine TX area.

As tempting as it may be to delay the replacement of your windows, especially when the issues may seem “small”, having windows that are in peak condition can give you the confidence you need that no draft will plague any inhabitants of the home and steal hard-earned money out of your pocket. Fresh, new windows will not only create a more pleasant living environment, but they are also quite well-known to save money on energy in the long-term. Some of the signs that you should be looking for are the following:

1. Your windows are damaged.
2. The caulk around the outside of the window frame is cracked or deteriorating.
3. The window no longer operates properly.
4. You cannot see through the glass.
5. You want to save on energy.

Glass N Pane has proven to be reliable for giving peace of mind to conquer these worries. As a family-owned company in Grapevine TX that has 24 years of experience, they promise quality service at a fair price. They also maintain a solid reputation of putting the customer first and delivering their services with a smile to make your glass installment and glass replacement process a positive experience as opposed to a stressful one. They also aim to fit your exact needs. For example, if only some of your windows need replacing, they can match your current windows to keep a fluid, organized flow to the business structure or home. Their business is fully licensed and insured, and they have a Certificate of Insurance available upon request.

Glass N Pane offers both commercial and residential glass services. Residential glass services include Window Installation & Replacement, Single/Dual Pane Windows, Retrofitted Vinyl, Window Rollers, Showers and Tub Enclosures, Beveled Mirrors, Custom Glass for Tabletops and Shelves. Commercial glass services include store fronts, closures, rollers, safety glass, Plexiglas®, insulated glass, mirrors and more.

So instead of risking an unpleasant fall or winter, you can take a moment to nip it in the bud and get the much-needed repairs or take the precautions needed to have your windows armored to conquer the cold temperature monster that will attempt to have you shaking in your boots – literally.

If you are in the Grapevine TX area and would like a complimentary consultation or to schedule an appointment, call them today at 972.436.4221 or go online using the link that is noted below.

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